About us

How we got started


Hi my name is Robin and I am the founder and owner of 5th Chapter Scents.  The business name represents the 5th Chapter of my life since I am now in my 50's and Scents represents the various fragrances that I use in my products. 


My journey while I was going through a transition at work in 2017.  I was "downsized" or more bluntly, laid-off.  

I started making soap using a product from my very own garden.  I grow Luffa sponges and needed something to do with them besides use as a scrubber in the kitchen.  So I learned how to make soap.  

What started out as a hobby, a stress reliever and a unique gift for family and friends became much more.  It became something that I loved to do.  So I wanted to learn even more and take it to the next level.  So I practiced with various recipes, tried new things and continued to read and learn my craft.  My family loved the products that I made, soaps, body butters and wax melts.

My goal for 5th Chapter Scents is for you to feel how my family feels about my products.  My company is growing and with your support it can continue to grow.

Thank you for your support!