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About us

How we got started


About the Founder 

Robin Forchion is the founder and CEO of Fifth Chapter Scents. Aside from being an innovator in the beauty industry and an entrepreneur, Robin is a respected member of the community and proud mother of three incredible children. 


Creating Fifth Chapter Scents has been a labor of love in every sense of the word. What began as an excess harvest turned into natural and plant-based products that are beneficial to the skin. From that first batch in the kitchen, the first bar of soap from Fifth Chapter Scents was born. Friends and family took notice, asking for more and more samples. 


And for the last few years, she continued to tweak her products until she felt comfortable replacing every body oil and cream with her very own products. 


"When I first got started, the expectation was the opposite of where we are now. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey into natural skincare."

About Fifth Chapter Scents

Fifth Chapter Scents, LLC is a body care brand specializing in natural soaps, body butter, and lotions located in Sicklerville, New Jersey.  


What started out as a hobby, a stress reliever and a unique gift for family and friends became much more. Embracing this new journey, Founder & CEO, Robin Forchion, worked with various recipes and natural ingredients to learn more about her new found craft. After raving reviews from family and friends, she began expanding from soaps to make body butters, lotions, fresheners, and wax melts.


As a teenager, Robin had always been a crafter, and as she matured, she began gardening. Robin realized the beauty of creation and how much variety can be cultivated in the backyard. At harvest time, after trying her hand at birdhouse gourds and luffa sponges, the excess inspired her to make soaps with the luffa submerged. Following thorough research on soap making, the first batch was ready to be cured, six weeks later, she was hooked. That is where it all began for Fifth Chapter Scents.

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